Get off the phone - bitch!

on Aug, 17 2013 115962 views

Get off the phone - bitch!


Women's Love

There once was a man who went on an expidition and he found something. It
said "Rub Me" so he did. Out popped a genie. The genie said to the man, "I
will grant you one wish." The guy said, "I thought I get 3 wishes?" The
genie said, "No. One take it or leave it!" The guy said, "I'LL TAKE IT,

So the guy takes it and says, "I am afraid of flying so I want you to
build me a Freeway from my house to Hawaii." The genie says, "Are you

So the guy thinks and says, "Ok -- Ok." So the guy thinks for a little
while and he finally come up with a wish for the genie. The guy says, "I
want to learn all about women. How they think? How come they keep dumping
me? And how I can make they love me so I can keep them?" So the genie
thinks and thinks and thinks and finally the genie says to the man.....
"Did you want that freeway with 2 lanes or 4???"